Bachelor of Science (BSc),
Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc).
Master of Social Sciences (MSSc).

About Me

I am a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF).

I completed my Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Genetics and Psychology before graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Psychology. Thereafter, I completed my Master of Social Sciences degree in Clinical Psychology (Cum Laude) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

As a trainee psychologist at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Psychology Clinic, I worked with individuals, children, adolescents, and adults. Additionally, as part of a team effort, I assisted in running a Parenting Programme and support group. Following this, I worked at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, where I gained experience working therapeutically with an array of individuals from various socio-economic, cultural, religious, and medical backgrounds.

I have a firm belief in the power of psycho-education which truly embodies the phrase, “knowledge is power”. Psycho-education entails providing mental health patients and their families, with information about the causes, symptoms, prognosis, and treatment of their diagnosed conditions. This provides a sense of empowerment as it allows one insight into what to expect from a condition, what treatments are available, and how to ultimately improve one’s condition. Therefore, I have initiated and run psycho-education groups for family members of patients diagnosed with psychosis which I found to be infinitely rewarding.

I have an immense passion for working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples on a short or long term basis. My areas of special interest include stress and anxiety, depression and self-harm, personality disorders, self-harm, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, trauma and complex trauma, and loss and bereavement.

My approach to psychotherapy is influenced by psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory. I believe that our emotional landscape and behavioural patterns are largely determined by the unconscious part of the mind, that is, the part of the mind that is outside the realm of awareness. Both the substance of our unconscious life and how we put ourselves together is influenced and moulded by early life experiences, particularly the first five years. I believe that this partly determines our view of the world, of others, and of ourselves.

In therapy, I endeavour to provide a safe, non-judgmental, curious and empathic environment to assist you with your current difficulties but to also allow you, in your own time, to gain access to your unconscious life. The aim of this process is to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of ‘the self’ in the interests of facilitating greater internal choice, less subjective distress, and an improved capacity to adapt to the environment and work towards having your needs and desires met.