Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

During couples therapy, I work with couples of various orientations, backgrounds, and relationship phases (e.g., engaged, married, close to divorce) who seek to gain insight into their relationship, improve the overall satisfaction of their relationship, or work through issues negatively impacting on the relationship.

The purpose of my couples therapy sessions is to create an environment in which couples are able to describe what the problem is and how it has affected them in different and unique ways. Following which, each individual’s emotional and psychological needs will be acknowledged before we start exploring the ways in which each person’s needs may be met.

Common issues raised in the couples therapy space can be related to poor communication, poor conflict resolution, infidelity, sex, substance use, in-laws, management of finances, frequent conflict, and emotional distance.

I specialise in assisting couples with:

  • Premarital and marital conflict
  • Preconception counselling
  • Sexual health, desire, and intimacy
  • Conflict resolution and effective communication skills